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" Every problem has a solution.

You just have to be creative enough

to find it."

- Travis Kalanick -

What is Paperwork?

Paperwork has been established for one reason - to help people cope with legal and administrative issues. Choosing the right lawyer, filling out documents properly, understanding how the law works in situations that are really important for us, and even communicating clearly with the attorney can make us feel completely lost and overwhelmed. Paperwork is not a law office; it is a place where you can feel completely comfortable. Paperwork will help you hire a lawyer that will be the best for you, and will work with your attorney all along. 


Paperwork is represented by one person - Alicja Pociask Miglore - 25 years of experience with running the office of one of the best lawyers in Chicago. You can find out about the competence of Alicja in section About.

Alicja speaks fluent Polish, so, she works with Polish immigrants on their cases even when they don’t speak English. 


The immigration law takes a big part in Paperwork activities: finding sponsors, preparing and filing documents, meeting deadlines, and dealing with attorneys. 


You can find the entire range of services in the section Services.

  • obtaining "green cards" interviews

  • filing applications

  • case status information

  • helping with sponsorship

  • preparing for the citizenship interview

  • communicating with lawyers, explaining the plans of action and procedures

  • practical implications of rules, regulations, motions, and proceedings

  • collecting and filing documents

  • legal, administrative, financial issues

  • banks negotiations

  • finding the best lawyer for your needs

  • helping Polish clients to translate forms and documents and communicate with lawyers

  • explaining/translating and interpreting official, administrative language 

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